Exclusive Stainless Steel Litter Bins and Litter Separation Systems for interior and exterior spaces, Smoker Stands, Ashtrays, Planters, Customer Guidance Systems, Coat Stands crafted of stainless steel and 'made in Germany' e.g. for use in office buildings, shopping centres, banks, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, railways stations or airports.


Individually designed benches as well as complex bench systems in variations with a material mix of wood, granite, leather, steel and stainless steel. The focus is high class and durable seating and systems for interior and exterior e.g. shopping malls made to customer specification 'made in Germany'.


Noble Planters and pedestals for interior furnishing in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes, colours and finishes like fibreglass, stainless steel, wood, aluminium, natural materials and more. HD.PRODUCTS sets and follows trends and therefore the product range is continuously updated.


Litter Bins, Smoker Stands and Portable Dance Floors for hotels of high class workmanship 'made in Germany'. Unique coating technology enables sixnine-design to manufacture aluminium litter bins in fancy colours with extraordinary quality to suit customer requirement.


Litter Bins for in- and outdoor use, vandalism resistant and functional design 'made in Germany'. In addition DELUS also offers Waste Bins with and without self extinguishing top, available in different designs, materials and finishes for use in e.g. offices or foyers of municipal or multifunctional buildings, cinemas or restaurants.


Litter Bins, Smoker Stands, and Planters being manufactured from aluminium and powder coated for durability and sustainability in metallic and RAL colours. Interior furnishing accessories for hotels, office buildings, cinemas or all sort of public interior spaces.