Stainless Steel Litter Bins and furnishing products 

sixnine-design offers an extensive variety of stainless steel litter bins for indoor and outdoor use. Depending on your requirements there is a great choice of styles. sixnine-design covers the whole spectrum:Litter Bins for Shopping Centres and event areas, Large Capacity Bins, Sanitary Bins and Hygiene Bins, Pedal Bins, Safety Bins with funnel tops, Paper Bins for offices, Security Bins for ATM banking areas and Litter Separation Systems for public areas. The range of Outdoor Bins complements the indoor line of products.

In addition sixnine-design manufactures functional Smoker Stands, Coat Stands, Umbrella Stands, Customer Guidance Systems and customized containers for plants supplementing the total range of products. A wide variety of accessories expand the possible use of sixnine-design products also allowing to match customer needs - including options for personalisation.

Stainless steel Litter Bins manufactured by sixnine-design are leak proof and brushed seamless. There is no unsightly welding or pressing seams and marks. This is important as high quality flooring such as natural stone are protected. This is part of sixnine-design's philosophy. In terms of quality and functionality sixnine-design is groundbreaking and of course 'made in Germany'.