Litter Bins and Portable Dance Floors

Litter Bins and Smoker Stands by sixnine-design are made of high grade aluminium or stainless steel and are individually hand treated. They are leak proof and will not rot, rust or split thus protecting marble and floor coverings from unsightly rust stains.

The unique painting and coating process results in a homogeneous and easy to care surface. Available in a comprehensive choice of sizes and finishes. Besides many RAL colours the Litter Bins are obtainable in brushed and clear coated metallic surfaces like natural, brass, bronze or in corporate colours per customer request. Optional extras are self extinguishing funnel tops or angled edges. As expected 'made in Germany' means best workmanship in exceptional quality combined with high flexibility.

The product range is supplemented with Portable Dance Floors and Staging equipment for event and banquet areas. The individual flooring panels are easy and fast to connect to a professional dance floor with extreme stability and high carrying capacity. Available in a variety of finishes for indoor and outdoor use.