Litter Bins, Smoker Stands and other Urban Products

The functional design of urban and public outdoor spaces can be achieved with DELUS products. Vandalism resistant and user friendly Litter Bins and Bicycle Stands 'made in Germany' form the outdoor range of products.

Litter Bins, combinations of Litter Bin and ashtray and Bicycle Stands for outdoor use need to be robust, vandalism resistant, functional and durable. DELUS meets this demand. All steel products are hot dip galvanized and can be painted in desired RAL or DB colours. Stainless steel litter bins are available in satin, brushed or electro polished finishes. For easy emptying the Litter Bins flap open by using a triangular key without the bin body to fall out. This functionality is essential because quality of outside bins is not only defined by proper workmanship but mainly by useability.

In addition DELUS also offers Waste Bins with and without self extinguishing top available in different designs and finishes for indoor use in e.g. offices or foyers of municipal halls or cinemas. The materials offered comply with the budget and therefore the choice is steel or stainless steel.

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